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Above all, Susanne is lovingly blunt, but not confrontational. Her commitment to good writing is always the first focus in her reviews. Susanne was terrific to work with! She is a wonderful editor who caught my mistakes, smoothed out my writing, and made my final product much better. I really appreciated her prompt replies to my questions and her clear, thorough explanations of suggested changes to my manuscript.

I would highly recommend Susanne for a great editing experience and for a final product you will be proud of. She taught me things to spice up and improve my style. The publisher could not have made a better choice.

Titles of Books, Plays, Articles, etc.: Underline? Italics? Quotation Marks?

Our lives are shaped from the books we read; therefore, the most valuable job to both publisher and author is their editor. Editor Susanne Lakin is a gifted wordsmith, coach, and mentor. As a small book publisher, we are grateful to Susanne for always completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Finally, a comprehensive, practical blueprint for constructing a terrific novel--every time! This writing craft book will show you how to go from idea to complete novel a step at a time.

Buy it here on Amazon, in print or as an ebook! Available in all formats online. Purchase the companion workbook here! The ultimate resource to help fiction writers identify and ferret out the fatal flaws in their prose. A must-have for every serious writer. More than 60 Before and After passages. Best-selling authors of every genre know the secret to hooking readers—by showing, not telling, their story.

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How to quote song lyrics in an essay: simple rules

To reach a reader's heart, you must get to the heart of your story. This best-selling book will show you how! Buy it here on Amazon! Take the pain out of learning good grammar! With short, sometimes snarky entries, Say What? Buy Say What? Online Courses. To Italicize or Not to Italicize? Names of ships.

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Thanks, Becky Reply. Not sure where the other parenthesis went. Here you go. Thanks Reply. If you are listing awards that an author has earned, would they be italicized? Yep Reply. Aaron Reply. First ride today is the Avatar Flight of Passage — watched the show Frozen again — The ride is set in the world of Avatar. Do I need to italicize The Huffington Post? Thank you, your advices are helpful.

Your advices have been helpful. Movie names are. Leave a Reply:. Click here to cancel reply. Search for:. Subscribe to My Blog Enter your e-mail address to get all weekly posts delivered to you:. Sign up for my newsletter to get cool news and offers and your free ebook.

Take my FREE email course to learn how to get your books discovered! It's free! Want a One-On-One Consultation? Get the professional feedback you need! Testimonials Susanne went above and beyond, making important plot suggestions and pointing out holes in the story, along with providing an excellent job of line editing and proofreading.

Lawrence, author Syncing Forward. Shaquanda Dalton, author I Won't Cry. Elena Dillon, author Breathe.

Italics and Underlining

Grace Bridges, publisher, author Faith Awakened. Catherine Leggitt, author Payne and Misery. John Claeys, author Apocalypse Pola Muzyka, author Abducted to Kill. Alice Nicholas, publisher Pecan Row Press. Susanne made the difference between my being unpublished and moving on to publication. Within months after her stellar edits, a publisher sent me a contract for my Middle Grade novel, and now my first book has been published.

Thank you, Susanne, for making my dream come true. Jeanne Williams, author Just Claire.

Learn when to use italics and quotation marks to write clearly

Editing is the best form of book promotion an author has at his disposal. In many ways, a book is only as good as its editor and is frequently the medium that distinguishes professional writers from amateurs. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Ms. Lakin for her professional polish that makes my book shine. Susanne Lakin performed CPR on my novella and brought it back to life with incredible skill. Worth every penny! Thanks, Susanne! Susanne is a concise, dynamic, and artistic writer. Her dedication, care, and attention to detail pushed me to revisit my work with new insight.

My success is due to Susanne, and I am forever grateful and blessed to know her. Susanne Lakin has both the heart and skills that make her an exceptional editor and coach. I was dead in the water with my manuscript—unsure where to find the help I needed to move forward—until I discovered Susanne. Rod Smith, author Holy Libido.

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Betsy Cheung, author Susanne is an amazing editor. She worked with patience and skills to improve my manuscript to perfection. She is also a great motivator with encouraging reminders, and kept urging me with ambiguous sentences until I got them right. Now my book shines thanks to her expertise. I was just a writer before working with Susanne Lakin—she made me an author. Her developmental suggestions made all the difference in my book.

Susanne made a ton of comments and suggestions on my manuscript, giving me much to think about, and in the end, a better book. She really knows how to push you to make your writing stronger and to get it to the place it needs to be.

When to Punctuate Titles in Italics or Quotes

Brannon Hollingsworth, author Skein of Shadows. After Susanne critiqued my second book, I returned for a critique of my third. Her insight and expertise were immensely helpful in guiding multiple rewrites prior to publishing. Joyce V. Harrison, author Blue Flamingo. Susanne is a wonderful editor with the soul of a teacher. She has a rare gift for combining honesty, kindness, and encouragement. Her critiques inspire me to dig deeply into my story and her suggestions empower me to improve my craft.

I am so much more confident in my skills and excited about my writing, and I look forward to learning even more from her feedback on my sequel. Sara Butler, author Native Storm. Having C. Lakin edit my manuscript was easily the single most important step to taking my novel to a professional level. A worthwhile investment I intend to make for the next one.

Much of her advice was easy fixes, but there were times Susanne made me think. She proved herself to me and amazed me with her spot on advice and suggestions. Jean Williams, author Just Claire. Susanne critiqued and edited my manuscript. If you start using italics, don't switch to underlining within the same document. Italics or underlining are used most often: for titles of longer works: books, magazines, newspapers, films, TV shows, a complete symphony, plays, long poems, albums:.

Italics or underlining are also used for titles of paintings, sculptures, ships, trains, aircraft, and spacecraft:. Tip: Shorter works, such a book chapters, articles, sections of newspapers, short stories, poems, songs, and TV episodes are placed in quotation marks. Neither italics nor quotation marks are used with titles of major religious texts, books of the Bible, or classic legal documents:. Tip: Many foreign words have become absorbed into our language and should not be italicized or underlined.

When in doubt, consult the dictionary.

Quotes or Italics? How to Punctuate Titles in your Essay

Also, common Latin abbreviations should not be italicized or underlined:. Use italics or underlining to emphasize, stress, or clarify a word or letter in a sentence or when using a word as a linguistic symbol rather than for its meaning:. I asked you to articulate your findings, not create a flow chart.