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In order to retain his position in the firm and also for the welfare of his family, Kent graham goes ahead in negotiating his deal to Jack Olson at Spray-On Inc. And also his own company Durra-stick. Kent also fears that his time with Durra Stick might be limited unless he starts closing some big accounts.

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When Jack described his need for a seven-color label with very precise graphics, Kent welcomed it as his big account, which might in turn do well for his company s well as himself. This power of egoism inside him made him to negotiate the larger prices to his company. Kent gave the sample to Marty Klein, who was responsible for coordinating the costs and price quotes for new opportunities.

The company gave its quote on the basis of its profits, which itself portrays the impersonal egoism. Kent shadows importance to his professional life in order to live and maintain good standards for his family. This made Kent to hide the true fact that the products to be supplied will be out sourced from another company.

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Only by hiding this fact did he receive he good news that he had secured his largest order as an account manager. The activities of Kent can be traced back to his personal benefits, which is the core for egoism.

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In this situation Kent can morally reason out his egoistic decision by the fact of his job as well as supporting his family. An important ethic to highlight is the utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is considered to be consequential as it focuses major on the final consequences, which is, the ends justify the means. There might be situations in which lying will produce greater overall good than telling the truth.

In such a situation, it would be ethically right to tell a lie. Kent Graham had secured his largest order as an account manager for Durra Stick Label Products, which displays the utilitarianism involved in it.

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Putting light on virtue ethics is quite considerable in this situation. Virtue ethics is based upon the belief that the most important thing in ethics and social relationships is not necessarily in action that are taken but rather the quality of the person who undertakes it. This perspective relies on developing character as opposed to discovering the right action in any particular case. In this particular case Kent Graham displays virtue ethics as the root cause of his actions is his dedication and devotion to his family.

On such a perspective his quality as man devoted for welfare of family is portrayed. His deal negotiation may not be considered wrong but as a result of the person he is with his priorities and preferences.

In the contemporary business environment, we often confront numerous ethical dilemmas, which make us taking hard decisions. In this regard, we should take into consideration ethical norms and consequences of our decisions to maintain the effective communication within organizations and to preserve positive interpersonal relationships with our colleagues, subordinates and managers. In actuality, I would focus on two major dilemmas: the fair representation of our abilities in the course of employment and the communication behaviors related to money — whether general salary information should be available to all employees or whether salaries should remain confidential to individual employees.

In fact, both dilemmas are difficult to solve and the decision to be taken can affect consistently not only my position in the organization but also my interpersonal relationships with people I am working with. In actuality, the fair representation of our abilities in the course of employment is extremely important because employers need well-qualified employees, who have significant potential to grow professionally.

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At the same time, often we have to emphasize our strengths and best professional qualities and abilities and underestimate our weaknesses. In such a way, we attempt to create a positive image to persuade an employer that we match the required position perfectly. However, this is exactly where the dilemma arises because the gap between what I can represent of my abilities and what abilities I actually have can affect my position in the organization, where I am eager to work.

If I overestimate my abilities and get employment, I will not be able to perform the tasks and functions my employer counts for because of the lack of my professional abilities, which I have overestimated. On the other hand, I may fail to get employment, if I underestimate my abilities or just represent them absolutely fairly.

At the same time, it is obvious that I cannot always judge about my abilities objectively and employers should make the decision whether I match the required position or not. In such a context, I would recommend choosing the effective strategy, which is grounded on the fair representation of my abilities but emphasizing my strengths and revealing my full potential.

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