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Here are some road safety rules: All those walking on the road should walk towards their left, especially the driver coming from the other side and the vehicle coming from the other side. The driver should keep the speed slow while driving on the road. Be more careful while moving on more busy roads and road junctions. Two-wheelers should wear good quality helmets or they should not come on the road without a helmet. Keep the speed of the carriage up to the prescribed limits, especially in schools, hospitals, colony etc.

All vehicles must be fixed distance from other vehicles. All the people walking on roads are well aware of the signs and rules on the road.

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Keep the rules and regulations of road safety in mind during the journey. Essay 3 on Road Safety words As we all know that road accidents, injuries and deaths have become very common in today's days.


Essay 4 on Road Safety words Road safety is the prevention and prevention of road accidents by using all road safety measures. Essay on road safety 5 words Road accident is becoming very common due to the collision of vehicles and the ignorance of proper road safety measures. Essay on road safety 6 words Every person on earth should pay full attention to road safety whether or not he uses the vehicle or not. Need for Road Safety Knowledge for Children According to statistics, it has been found that most road accident cases in which children are involved, because they are more at risk than other age group group.

The following points given here will indicate that why road safety is very important: Children, there are children, no one is confident about what will do next in the house or elsewhere in the streets especially during the traffic situation. Children are absolutely innocent, they can not evaluate the fast moving vehicles on the road. Due to their small stature, drivers can not even moodle their moods on the road when they try to cross the road in front of the vehicle.

They can not guess how often the vehicles come on the empty road. They can cross the road from anywhere because they do not know the proper way to cross the road. They are scared soon and do not understand what they should do when they see the vehicle coming towards us. Road safety rules for children Some important road safety rules play an important role in protecting children from road accidents by making them responsible pedestrians on the road: Parents should make their children extra careful and teach them about looking at every side left and right before crossing the road.

Children should always keep holding the hand of their elders or friends while crossing the road. They do not want to run on the road anytime, leaving the parent's hand or not in a hurry and be patient. They need not be distracted due to any reason and they need to be more conscious on the road. To follow only the footpath, they should make habit by their parents or always use the left side of the road where the sidewalk is unavailable. After seeing traffic signals for pedestrians, they should teach them only to cross the road at the intersection. Know the meaning of colors on the road red means green, meaning yellow and also yellow , tell the basic information of traffic light and the importance of traffic signs.

They should use the back side of the passenger seat while coming out of the car or bus. Children should teach children about not playing in the area on the road or out of play area. During the operation of the bike on the road by properly checking the brakes, horns and steering or handles, the use of all accessories and helmets should be worn. Children should not wear earphones or any other means of listening to music while driving a bike on the road.

During wearing a seat belt or biking, the abbuter should teach them to wear helmets. In order to present a good example, the adolescents should follow all the rules related to road safety, because in the life of their children, parents are the first example to learn some work. Conclusion In order to reduce the number of road accidents and injury cases, road safety is very important for all age groups to be alert and safe.

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Web Tools. By Viji Athreye. Reasons Bad Roads: India is said to be the fastest developing country after China. The nation is performing extremely well in fields such as education, industrialization and fashion. According to the Road Accident Report for prepared by the road transport and highways ministry, 75, people have been killed because of the killer roads of India. Speeding: Another major factor contributing to the increased number of road accidents is speeding.

The public fails to follow the speed limits, especially on the highway. Overloaded vehicles: Be it passengers or goods, overloaded vehicles are also a major cause for accidents in India. It becomes difficult to control an overloaded vehicle. When a vehicle is carrying goods such as protruding steel rods, the result of an accident is even worse.

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Overloaded vehicles have accounted for 36, deaths in Drunken driving: Even though driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited, many flaunt this rule, which at times results in road accidents. Even if the person under the influence of alcohol walks away safe from the scene of the accident due to the safety features of the car, the pedestrians and smaller vehicles involved in the accidents are not so lucky. But only a handful of the cities in India have made the use of helmets mandatory. A red light jumper not only jeopardizes his life but also the safety of other road users.

This act by one driver incites other driver to attempt it and finally causes chaos at crossing. This chaos at intersection is the main cause of traffic jams. Eventually everybody gets late to their destinations. It has also been seen that the red light jumper crosses the intersection with greater speed to avoid crash and challan but it hampers his ability to judge the ongoing traffic and quite often crashes. Use of seat belt in four-wheeler is now mandatory and not wearing seat belt invites penalty, same in the case of helmets for two wheeler drivers. Wearing seat belts and helmet has been brought under law after proven studies that these two things reduce the severity of injury during accidents.

Wearing seat belts and helmets doubles the chances of survival in a serious accident. Safety Gears keep you intact and safe in case of accidents.

Two wheeler deaths have been drastically reduced after use of helmet has been made mandatory. One should use safety gears of prescribed standard and tie them properly for optimum safety. Safety 2. Noise 3.

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Land Consumption 4. Air Pollution 5. Degrading the Aesthetics. Drivers: Over-speeding, rash driving, violation of rules, failure to understand signs, fatigue, alcohol. Pedestrian: Carelessness, illiteracy, crossing at wrong places moving on carriageway, Jaywalkers.

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Passengers: Projecting their body outside vehicle, by talking to drivers, alighting and boarding vehicle from wrong side travelling on footboards, catching a running bus etc. Vehicles: Failure of brakes or steering, tyre burst, insufficient headlights, overloading, projecting loads.

Road Conditions: Potholes, damaged road, eroded road merging of rural roads with highways, diversions, illegal speed breakers. Weather conditions: Fog, snow, heavy rainfall, wind storms, hail storms. Skip to main content.